Quest Home Inspectors LLC

The home inspection process:

A typical home inspection on an average sized house can last between two to three hours.  Approximately 400 points of interest are covered during the inspection.  I always encourage my clients to attend the home inspection.  I view the home inspection as our time to acquaint you with the major systems of the home as well as to point out any defects that may arise.   I also include deferred maintenance recommendations in my Inspection Reports.  My Inspection Reports are computer generated, include full color photographs, and contain interactive /informational links when viewed online.    The Inspection Report can be accessed from my website for up to five years.  They can also be forwarded via email and or printed out.   My clients generally receive the completed Inspection Report within three to four hours after the inspection has taken place.

A little about me:

I am licensed by the State of Wisconsin and certified by the National Examining Board of Professional Home Inspectors.  I am an active member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors and hold the credentials of a Wisconsin certified Fire Inspector.   I started Quest Home Inspectors in early 2003 and have a solid reputation with many of the Real Estate Firms in Southeastern Wisconsin.   My coverage area encompasses all of Southeastern Wisconsin including Lake Country.

Sample Inspection Report

If you are interested in viewing a sample of my Home Inspection Report please click here.