Services Offered

Home Inspections:

The price of a home inspection varies based on the size, condition, and age of the home. A larger and older home can take much longer to inspect than a smaller, newer home. The average cost to inspect a newer single family home of average size can range from $375 to $475 dollars.

Radon Gas Testing:

The E.P.A. estimates that radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer, after smoking. A continuous radon monitor is set up within the property. Sampling for radon gas takes 48 hours to complete. A Radon Report is issued immediately after the 48 hour testing period (no need to wait for laboratory results!)

Mold Screen / Mold Testing:

Water damaged building products and or mold growth within the home has the ability to make the occupants sick. Certain species of molds are also considered carcinogens! Indoor air samples and swab samples can be taken from within the home and sent to a certified laboratory for analysis. The purpose of the Mold Screen is to identify if there is an elevated mold count within the property. The species of mold and it’s health effects are identified in the issued laboratory Report. A Mold Screen is a useful tool to determine if the indoor air environment of the property may have an adverse affect to occupants, especially those who may have compromised immune disorders! Mold Screens are generally performed on homes that have had water entry issues and or obvious mold growth inside of the residence.

Thermal Imaging Scan:

Exterior walls, ceilings, doors, and windows can be scanned using an infrared camera. This enables us to identify areas of energy loss within the property. Use of a thermal imaging camera can help to identify where insulation may be lacking in walls and ceilings. It can also identify drafts and moisture damage behind wall and ceiling coverings. A Thermal Imaging Scan is a very useful tool for those who are looking to save money on their home heating and cooling costs!

Carbon Monoxide Testing:

Carbon monoxide gas, or commonly referred to as CO, is known as the “silent killer”.  You cannot smell, taste, or see carbon monoxide gas.  Elevated levels of CO have the ability to make occupants sick and even cause death!

Carbon monoxide testing is performed free of charge during the home inspection!